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Marble has a unique natural marble core


Marble has high strength and durability, making it ideal for use as surfaces

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The long history of Tajikistan peoples and 93 % of the mountains of territory Tajikistan has formed an unbelievable experience working with natural stone.

The company formed inside from the hard geological conditions and today become one of the growing natural stone companies in Tajikistan and Central Asia.

mountains tajikistan

It took a long time for natural stone to become a special, unique one in the World.

Use your imagination: The greatest mountains from Tajikistan, and Afghanistan from the Center of the World.

The long geological history and cultural history of Central Asia natural stones can be part of your unique project, which was cut with highly innovative technology, fashionable design, and love from Tajikistan.

Uniqueness, peculiarity, beauty and quality are the natural stones of Goolchang.

Premium Design

Premium marble design is a symbol of luxury and sophistication in the interior. This marble will fit into any interior style, from classic to modern, making the room especially refined and luxurious.

Premium Marble



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